Pressure Ulcer Lawsuit

Lawsuits concerning pressure ulcers are increasingly common in both acute and long-term settings. Frequently, pressure ulcer litigation generates strong emotional reactions from litigants and juries. At a minimum, incidents of pressure ulcers increase the care required from medical staffing resources and strain facility and family relationships.

Pressure ulcers occur as a result of negligence or neglect by medical staff. Some of the common complaints in a lawsuit are failure to follow a standard of care, failure to communicate, failure to assess and monitor appropriately, failure to report significant findings, failure to act as a patient advocate and failure to document. However, if the proper standards of medical care are followed, these painful and life-threatening open wounds can often be prevented. Lawsuits over pressure ulcers can not only provide compensation for the injuries suffered but can also operate as an important safeguard to protect the rights of patients and residents and ensure proper standards of care are followed in the health care industry.